Renovations and Makeovers

When renovating, it is crucial for us to obtain a detailed brief as this is ultimately the key to us interpreting your thoughts and in turn creating a space inspired by your initial visions of living spaces which are balanced and inspired. Working closely with you the client, and extensively with other professionals such as architects, premier home builders, draughtsmen and engineers, kitchen and bathroom designers, lighting professionals and landscape designers we develop your individuality through the selections of all colour and hard finishes creating visually and conceptually liveable interiors. We strive to transform your home and give it a whole new look, with new colour schemes and finishes, exciting accessories and artworks to suit your style and your budget. Throughout each project the process and progress of each craftsperson involved is managed and monitored by our team.

We believe there is no job too big or too small.

–          Floor Covering solutions

–          Kitchen and Bathrooms designs

–          Cabinetry

–          Colour solutions

–          Wallpaper and other wall covering ideas

–          Furniture supply (Including custom pieces) and placement

–          Window treatments and soft furnishings

–          Artwork

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